Privacy Levels

The privacy levels help you to associate a confidentiality level to a Data asset.

To define or modify a privacy level, go to the data asset screen and then click Edit. A drop down list allows you to pick the appropriate level.

Default privacy levels provided

By default, sidecar provides 4 levels to define the privacy of the data. The information is stored in two fields, the level name and the level description.

  • Level name : Level 1 - Public
    Level description: Public - everyone can see the information.

  • Level name : Level 2 - Confidential
    Level description: Confidential - top confidentiality level

  • Level name : Level 3 - Restricted
    Level description: Restricted - medium confidentiality level

  • Level name : Level 4 - Highly sensitive
    Level description: Highly sensitive - Internal use

Customize your privacy levels

You can always customize the privacy levels. It’s possible to change the name and description or add/remove a level. To do so, you need to update the table [dbo].[Privacy_Level] (No screen is available at the moment to customize the privacy level).

The following fields are populated automatically:

  • [Privacy_Level_Id] : Primary key

  • [SYS_LastModified] : date of the insert or update

  • [SYS_LastModifiedBy] : SQL user that made the last modification

If you delete or truncate the table, you need to initialize the table


INSERT INTO dbo.Privacy_Level (Privacy_Level_Id, Privacy_Lvl_Name,SYS_LastmodifiedBy)

VALUES (-1,'Not defined',SYSTEM_USER);



Info: [SYS_IsDeleted] needs to be set to 0

This column allows you to do a soft delete of a record ([SYS_IsDeleted]=1)

The record will stay in the table but will not be displayed in sidecar.

In case of error, you can revert the change by inserting the value 0.