A classification, in the context of sidecar, is a framework for classifying data based on its level of sensitivity, value and criticality for the institution.

sidecar provides the capabilities for the users to define their own classifications. Once the classification is configured, sidecar's full text search functionality will scan all the data assets to automatically identify potential candidate attributes to the classification. The Data Steward can then confirm that the attribute is part of this classification. Examples of classifications that can be configured in sidecar are GDPR, HIPAA, PHI, etc.

View attributes associated to a classification

You can view the classification associated to an attribute in two ways:

1. On the attribute details itself.

If you have the right to edit the attribute you can also add a new element of a classification or replace an existing one.

2. View all attributes associated to a classification.

Go to the "Classifications" page by clicking on the "cog" at the top right of the page, then click on "Classifications"

Then click on the "Link" icon of the desired classification

You will now see all attributes associated to the classification. For example in the screen below, you can see that the "Patient religion code" is associated to the element "Religion" in the GDPR Classification. The attributes are ordered by domain, then application and data assets.

By clicking on the "i" icon of the attribute, you have access to the full description and the business rules. If you click on the attribute itself, you will be redirected to the full attribute details.

By clicking on the "i" icon of the element, you have access to the description and the full list of synonyms and exclusion terms.

With the right to edit, it is possible to delete the associated element or replace it by another one.

The number of attributes associated to a classification can be very high, use the search box to access directly an attribute or browse only a specific domain or application.

To learn how to configure the classifications, go to section Classification management