Save some space

Depending on the usage of sidecar, it is sometimes a good idea to clean up the audit tables.

A stored procedure ([dbo].[sp_Delete_Audit]) is available to help you remove the old unnecessary records from the following tables:

  • [Adm].[Audit_Delete]

  • [Adm].[Audit_Classification]

  • [Adm].[Audit_AssetList]

How to use the stored procedure [dbo].[sp_Delete_Audit]

You can specify a number of days after which the record will be deleted.

Example: you would like to remove all records older than 90 days.

  • Stored procedure : [dbo].[sp_Delete_Audit]

  • Input parameter : @NbDays as integer

Exec [dbo].[sp_Delete_Audit] @NbDays=90

Tip: If you would like to delete all records, set @NbDays = 0